From a liquid that is too warm, or because of a dry and crisp environment, your baby’s sensitive skin is prone to having issues. While repeated infections because of a delicate immune system could cause baby trouble, severe skin dryness could also be a recurring concern. Your baby’s skin will learn to adapt, but in the meanwhile, you may encounter these three harmless skin issues which most often resolve on their own without treatment.

Pimples, whiteheads and minor rashes?

Baby acne affects about twenty in a hundred babies. The acne usually appears on the face, especially in the nose and chin area. The small pimples and red bumps may bother you, but they don’t irritate the baby. If it’s not severe, you don’t need to worry. Your baby’s skin will get stronger, and the acne will disappear on its own.

Peeling skin?

If you notice your newborn’s skin is peeling, especially on his palms, soles of his feet or ankles, then know it is normal. The skin stops peeling in a few days, and you can talk to your pediatrician about using baby oil or moisturizer.

Patches on the scalp or eyebrow?

Most babies have a cradle cap during the first few weeks or months. But, you can rest assured that this will stop around the time they turn one-year-old. Apply enough gentle baby oil on the affected area for moisture, and then use a soft comb to brush the flakes away.

However tempted you are, at no point must your fingernails come into contact with the baby’s delicate skin. Bacteria from our nails could get transferred and you may increase the risk of infection.