Himalaya Herbals South Africa

Welcome to Himalaya Herbals SA, an online shop fulfilling the needs of every South African household with a range of 100% natural and safe products. Himalaya Herbals have a wide range of products for skin care, hair care, oral care and body care. The range of herbal products cater for both men and women. Himalaya herbals also have a baby care range as well as many health care products. Each Himalaya Herbals product combines the best of Ayurveda with years of dedicated research.

On this website you are able to research the individual products and decide which products are best suited to your and your families needs. We offer an easy to use cart option to purchase products with a reliable courier offering door to door delivery.


So why should you choose the Himalaya Herbals personal care range?

Firstly let us mention that Himalaya Herbals was born out of the research strength of their pharmaceutical products.

By bringing the credibility of their pharmaceutical research to their personal care portfolio, they offer solution-based products that cater to your daily personal care needs. The range offers the goodness of natural solutions for everyday use, with no side effects.  Their skin care, hair care, oral care and health care products are all made from herbs that are gentle and safe, with 100% active herbal ingredients.

Himalaya Herbals personal care products do not use any animal related materials and are all vegan friendly.

With a history spanning eight decades in the area of herbal research, Himalaya shares a close relationship with nature. They are in the business of not only promoting good health but also safeguarding the health of our planet. Ever since their inception, they have taken great care to protect biodiversity, collect herbs in a sustainable way and promote good agricultural practices.Himalaya Herbals is a natural herbal solution, with many of the herbal active ingredients having organic origin.

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“I love Himalaya Herbal Skincare. It’s All natural products. This
skincare range is Amazing. Doing wonders to my skin.” ~ Winnie September

“Earth and body friendly! Best skincare ever.” ~ Nuraan Osman

“Because it’s cruelty free and all natural. It works really well and is affordable. My favourites are definitely the Neem range and the Apricot Scrub.” ~ Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

“I love this product because it makes me feel like royalty.” ~ Donné Hendry

“BEST product out there. Been struggling with my skin my entire life, until Himalaya Herbals South Africa came along! Clearest, youngest looking skin. Get so many compliments on how much younger I look than my actual age. Just love love love it!!” ~ Lianné Barnard

“Best product – natural and mild on skin. It’s effective and helped so much making my skin better and making me confident.” ~ Charmaine Balraj

“Love using Himalaya products as they are made of natural products and don’t irritate my skin.” ~ Rhoda Twigg

“I love Himalaya Herbals because it’s a ?% natural and very safe products plus it’s Vegan friendly !! I simply love the product and recommend it to everyone !!!” ~ Riekie Erwee Brand

“I love the Himalaya products because they are one of the few products my skin does not react to and they really do what they promise.” ~ Louise Moonsamy

“I absolutely love the Himalaya Herbal range. The best toothpaste that’s not only 100% herbal, it’s just amazing as it makes a big difference. The face gel and creams, you can feel your skin is nourished. The face wash goes into one’s pores cleaning it and your face feels fresh. Himalaya Herbals is what I use and won’t change. Always a budget for my Himalaya Herbal products.” ~ Abigail Crafford

“I love using Himalaya products cos it works and is very affordable for the everyday person. And I love the fresh smell… ” ~ Yolande Lombard

“Products are affordable and works wonders on a mature skin. Skin does not feel greasy especially living in KZN.” ~ Retha Prinsloo-Haynes

“I Love the Himalaya face mask it makes my skin glow, feel soft, smooth and gorgeous. The Baby Range is incredible. I Love the quality and affordable range. The best products with a big range” ~ Erinda Esterhuizen

“I use the products because it’s natural and safe to use especially for my sensitive skin.” ~ Yothi Dursen

“Purifying Neem Face wash is awesome – no greasy feeling.” ~ Brenda Fernandes

“Regular use of Himalaya Herbals promotes my skin health, is easy to use and feels great! Taking just a few minutes a day , my Himalaya Routine gives my skin clarity, suppleness, and vibrancy. Try it to feel the many benefits!” ~ ReyHana Sayed

“I love to use Himalaya Herbals Products as they are made from natural ingredients, suited for my skin, great prices, products that work efficiently and effectively for me.
My skin care routine with daily Himalaya Herbals products are a pleasure as it produces fabulous results for me. I look and feel proud of my skin.” ~ Rosha Chettiar

“I love using Himalaya Herbals, love the hair range and I love the fact it’s natural.” ~ Alletta Walsh

“I just love it…..the best!!!!” ~ Annelie Strydom

“The first thing that attracted me to Himalaya is because they are CRUELTY FREE! So hard to find decent good and affordable product in South Africa, but what made me stay is the amazing quality, how my health improved and skin look better than it did in years! Thank you Himalaya!” ~ Angelique Muller

“Being CRUELTY free is one of the biggest reasons why I love it. We have the most beautiful bunnies who are like our children and sleep on the bed with us and I refuse to use any products we are not natural and which test on animals ? All your products are QUALITY, NATURAL AND NON ANIMAL TESTED XXXXX This makes me happy and my beautiful bunnies happy we all say THANK YOU XXXX ❤????❤?? Himalaya Herbals South Africa??❤????” ~ Lauren Hayley Gerber

“I am in love with these products!!! My hair and skin look amazing. My teeth feel great after brushing and it smells divine!!!!!!” ~ Anel Joubert

“Why I love himalaya products is that the packaging is cool, the smell is amazing. It simply is a wonderful product and does what it says. I love the face wash, the soap, facial cream too. Best thing about this product is all natural and organic and won’t harm the skin.” ~ Philoshini Govender

“There is so much that can be said and I still would not be to describe the feeling and satisfaction this brand and it’s products bring to me. I recently started using Himalaya…started off with the toothpaste which I love and can really notice a difference…sooo I purchased the fairness cream and WOW!!! Such an awesome feeling and again a notice my face looking brighter and more radiant. I also use the Neem Face Wash for my pimples and it’s really wonderful. Himalaya uses all natural ingredients and smells really good.The products are so wonderful, containing all quality ingredients … prices are absolutely reasonable. ..I purchase every product with a great big smile.” ~ Shakeera Sayed

“My love for Himalaya Herbals products is unexplainable. I love that they are herbal and chemical and cruelty free. Products are the best quality at an affordable price. Packaging is brilliant and products smell amazing!”~ Tamsin Naidoo

“Himalaya cocoa butter leaves my skin feeling luxurious, soft, smooth and moisturized, that I use nothing else, ever since discovering this amazing skin cream.” ~ Rush Harduth

“Love your amazing range, just love your fresh, Mint Herbal Toothpaste. I tried it and it’s long lasting, amazing.” ~ Layla Basha

“I love all your products and is affordable and a major confidence booster.” ~ Candi Corlett

“The products actually work!!!!…and it being natural and affordable is a bonus!!!!” ~ Safyia Tait

“I only use Himalaya Herbals. This is the only product that helps my skin and makes me feel so fresh. It’s affordable and I appreciate that as a student.” ~ Thanaa Jassiem

“I just started using Himalaya products for the matured skin. It’s nourishing and I find a great difference in my skin.” ~ Zubeida Wania

“Thanks to Himalaya Herbals, my dry winter skin has been soothed and is a lot more moisturized than before. That Intensive Moisturizing Cream is a genie in a tub! Soft, smooth, glowing skin is life.” ~ Sanisha Ramkalawan

“Himalaya leaves my skin so soft, fresh and amazing.” ~ Reabetswe Odette Mashishi

“The Himalaya products are all great because they natural yet effective. I use the Foot Scrub, Anti Dandruff Oil, the Anti Dandruff Hair Cream, Sparkling White toothpaste, Neem Scrub and Neem Mask all with confidence. Himalaya products offer what they promise at affordable prices.” ~ Zuleika Shaik

“I love the face care facial range I buy the foot products. It leaves my feet rejuvenated. I love years baby range especially the baby shampoo it’s theeee best. Thank you for the wonderful products I just love it.” ~ Kulsum Kajee

“Love the Himalaya Neem products as well as the apricot scrub wonderful natural products that really work.” ~ Shantal Moonsamy

“I use the Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash and it’s the first wash that I use that removes excess oiliness but does not leave you with the dry cracking feeling on you face. Love it!” ~ Louise Du Preez

“I have been using Himalaya products for sometime now and, WOW…..? I find that the Himalaya products are mild enough to use considering all my allergies and yet it’s effective making a visible difference. Absolutely love using the shampoo & conditioner as it leaves my hair soft and shinny. The toothpaste whitening and sensi-relief is fantastic providing relief from sensitivity? Best of all are your face products from the Apricot scrub to the peel off mask… all the Himalaya moisturizing face creams, hydrating gel, energizing, fair complexion, and natural glow safron cream are wonderful. The Intensive moisturizing cream & Nourishing skin cream is fantastic it’s good bye to dry skin. I’m a very happy and satisfied customer, real value for money.” ~ Lailaa Osman

“I only use Himalaya Herbals products for my baby daughter from shampoo to body lotion. I especially love the baby powder it smells amazing. I use the mud mask and face cleanser on myself.” ~ Zainab West Sylvester

“I Love all Natural Products and Himalaya products works perfectly every time!” ~ Soekayna Salie

“I love natural products that promote healthy skin!” ~ Janie van Schoor

“I love using Himalaya products as they are made of natural ingredients which leaves skin soft,smooth and refreshed. I use the hydrating face wash,the apricot scrub and also I use the foot scrub and cream for my cracked heels which leaves my feet soft and gets rid of those unwanted cracks and corns.” ~ Kaajal Naraidu

“I love my Himalaya beauty range products. It is affordable. It smells great. The natural glow fairness cream has reduced my scars tremendously in no time and I have gotten back my skin tone. I love using it especially in the day when it’s hot. The second product I love is the Himalaya clear complexion day cream. Which keeps my skin moisturized all day long, perfect for this winter weather and I love the packaging of it, it looks so classy, the mini glass jar. I’m so glad I made the switch to an all natural product, that I don’t wear makeup frequently anymore.” ~ Fareedha Khan Essop

“I love the fact that its nature friendly & safe to use on all skin types. They are definitely little treasures.” ~ Nadine Thomas

“I have a very sensitive skin due to eczema when I was younger. Himalaya Herbal products are the only skin care range that is suitable for my sensitive skin. Leave me feeling moisturized and not dry and itchy. That is why I love Himalaya herbals.” ~ Nicole Nicky Jacobs

“Our patients love the Himalaya oral care products. The toothpaste has been flying of the shelf.” ~ Elmarie Werth

“Nothing beats products that are harvested from Mother Nature especially for me as I have very sensitive skin and unable to use many other popular products. It feels fresh,light and natural too.” ~ Zulaiga Wiener

“Thanks to Himalaya products I have beautiful skin that is radiant, nourished, protected, my hair is shiny and healthy, my teeth are sparkly white, true to the name of your wonderful toothpaste.
My day begins with using your toothpaste to the delightful scrub for my skin to the fantastic shampoo and conditioner for my hair to the facial cream to keep my skin moisturized and as my end day ends I use your amazing foot cream to heal and repair my heels as I sleep.
All natural ingredients, applies with such ease, gentle on my skin. And I love giving your products to family and friends as gifts as I know for a fact its the best and guarantees perfect results. Thank you.” ?????????~ Anusha Naidoo

“I’m a huge lover of your products. I love Himalaya products because they do gentle on my skin. I love that it’s made with natural herbs and it smell so awesome.” ~ Annette Hamann

“As an avid believer in alternative medicine, I wouldn’t dare to use anything but Himalaya Herbals products on my skin. The skin is the bodies largest organ and I feel that your products exceed my expectations when it comes to the maintenance of a healthy complexion. I am in love with your products. Two words…Simply amazing.” ~ Saadiya Shaik

“Himalaya Herbals has the most amazing and natural products! Free from harmful products and a pleasure to use every time. The Neem Face Wash range is my absolute favourite and I will never switch to another face wash brand again! So happy I found Himalaya Herbals.” ~ Melanie Tobin

“Tried numerous products which resulted in breakouts came across Himalaya and I will never change … love all your products….and it’s so affordable.” ~ Candice Archary

“Every product I’ve used from Himalaya has never let my sensitive skin break out or cause irritation. I even love the tooth paste it’s amazingly fresh. Himalaya is definitely my favorite product to use on my skin and makes me glow.” ~ Gouwah Isaacs Jacobs