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Himalaya AyurSlim is an ayurvedic formulation of pure herbs. AyurSlim is a clinically proven, safe and effective polyherbal formulation that helps to regulate fat production and utilization. It also eliminates craving for sweets, normalizes energy production and utilization in the body and helps you stay trim and healthy.

It does NOT contain Ephedra and is safe and effective as a weight regulator through specific ingredients and their unique herbal properties.

Benefits of Ayurslim
  • AyurSlim brings about efficient burning of fat.
  • AyurSlim inhibits fatty acid synthesis, thereby reducing fat accumulation in the body.
  • AyurSlim maintains normal cholesterol levels in the body, factors that are concerned with fat accumulation.
  • AyurSlim reduces the craving for food and sweets, thereby reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates.
  • AyurSlim brings about effective utilization of glucose in the body, which has a role to play in fat accumulation in the body.
  • AyurSlim leads to optimal utilization of nutrients and energy, thereby correcting energy imbalances in the body that are responsible for fat accumulation.
  • Vrikshamla / Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia) which limits the synthesis of fatty acids in the muscles and liver and thus limits production of lipids. Recent studies have shown that fruits, like Garcinia, contain a biologically active compound which is known to inhibit the synthesis of lipids and fatty acids and lowers the formation of LDL and triglycerides. Additionally, appetite is also suppressed by promoting synthesis of glycogen, this way the brain gets signals of fullness and satisfaction sooner. Garcinia also contains significant amounts of Vitamin C and has been used as a heart tonic.
  • Guggulu / Guggul (Commiphora wightii)which maintains normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Guggul is a resin known to increase white blood cell counts and possess strong disinfecting properties. Guggul has long been known to normalize lipid metabolism, maintain optimum cholesterol levels and HDL to LDL ratio. A broad mode of action makes this plant very helpful in building the body’s defences.
  • Meshashringi / Gymnema (Gymnema sylvestre) which helps reduce the craving for sugar and sweets and neutralises the excess sugar present in the body, thus preventing it from turning into fat. Gymnema or Gurmara Gymnema, whose Hindi name literally means ‘sugar destroyer’, has been shown in vitro to have a glycolytic action and the ability to reduce the strength of a glucose solution. It has been used in Ayurveda for several centuries to regulate sugar metabolism. It also abolishes the taste of sugar, which effectively suppresses and neutralizes the craving for sweets
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) which helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. studies on rabbits of the cholesterol-lowering actions of each of the triphala fruits showed that haritaki fruit had the strongest effect. Although all three fruits reduced cholesterol, haritaki fruit reduced cholesterol deposits in the liver and aorta compared to controls (Thakur et al., 1988).
  • Medhika / Fenugreek(Trigonella foenum-graecum) which helps maintain normal blood glucose levels. In Ayurveda, the seeds and leaves are known for their tonic effects. Trigonella foenum-graecum delays the digestion and absorption of glucose
Ayurveda recommends a combination of these herbs in predetermined proportions for effective control of body weight. These herbs work synergistically to bring about the desired effect.
Ayurslim is useful in
  • Reducing weight
  • Maintaining normal lipid levels
  • Inhibiting craving for sugar
AyurSlim Use Directions

2 capsules twice a day after breakfast and dinner, for a minimum period of 3 to 6 months.
AyurSlim should be taken in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and half an hour of exercise on a daily basis.

Does AyurSlim have any side effects?

Ayurslim is not known to have any side effects when taken as per the prescribed dosage.

AyurSlim Safety, Contraindications and Drug interactions:

No adverse effects have been reported with the use of AyurSlim Capsules, if taken as per the prescribed dose.

  • The use of AyurSlim Capsules is contraindicated in pregnancy. But it can be taken safely after lochia
  • The use of AyurSlim Capsules is contraindicated in patients with jaundice and kidney failure.
  • In patients who are already suffering from problems like diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure, it is advisable to take AyurSlim Capsules under medical supervision.
Drug interactions:
  • No drug interactions have been reported with the use of AyurSlim Capsules.
Who can use AyurSlim?

People whose body fat is more than 25% and 30% of total body weight in men and women, respectively. Normal values of fat are 12-18% for men & 18-24% for women.

Dangers of being overweight

Being overweight can put you at risk for hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, coronary heart disease, gall bladder disease, cancer and sleep problems.

Excessive weight is a powerful risk for type II diabetes.

Excessive weight can stress out the joints. Osteoarthritis is a disease that involves weight-bearing joints. Excess weight speeds up degeneration of the hips and knees.

Cardiovascular disease
Being overweight is a risk for hypertension and atherosclerosis.

An excess of dietary fat can be a risk factor for cancer of the colon, prostate, breast and uterus.

Sleep apnea
Being overweight may cause pauses in breathing in sleep.

Back pain
The site where fat tissue is deposited is the waist. Due to gravity, the vertebral column is pulled increasing the curvature of the spine, causing pain

The following is recommended to obtain the best results with AyurSlim
    • To be effective, AyurSlim should be taken along with a reduced calorie diet and 20 mins. to 1 hour of moderate physical activity 3 times a week*.
    • Eat small, frequent meals. Dinner should be the smallest meal.
    • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.
    • Increase the amount of fresh fruit, vegetables and juices in your diet.
    • Cut down on sweets, fried food, cheese and high fat food.
    • If there’s a party, have a smaller lunch or schedule a longer exercise routine.
    • Don’t feel frustrated and give up halfway. Keep at it.
    • Help AyurSlim to help you. While you should start seeing results after 4-6 weeks, allow at least 3 months for full benefits.
    • After achieving the desired weight loss, you may reduce capsule intake to a maintenance dosage of 1 capsule twice a day.
      An exercise routine* can include the following:
    • Half an hour of brisk walking.
    • Using the stairs twice daily rather than the lift, except after meals.

* Exercise should be done under medical supervision for those with health risks.